In Defense of Animals
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On my first visit to Africa in 1997, I made a promise to the captured chimpanzees I met - a promise to help them. In the years that followed, I have experienced many hardships, formed incredible, rewarding relationships and with the help of friends in Cameroon and around the world saved the lives of over 100 orphaned chimpanzees. In addition countless other chimpanzees continue to roam free in the forests as a result of our education efforts. The illegal trade in ape meat continues to take the lives of the innocent, but the lives we have saved and the minds we have changed continue to give me hope for the future.

Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center is now home to 72 orphans, who range in age from two to over 50 years. They live in family groups in one of six enclosure complexes, all of which include large tracts of natural forest. Under the protection and care of local caregivers, the chimpanzees’ nurturing relationships with one another sustain them. Many of our orphans will outlive me as their life expectancy is 55 years or more. IDA-Africa works hard to secure their future and with support from friends like you, I remain hopeful our successes will continue for many more decades to come.

We continue to receive new orphans and we continue to seek additional forest to support our closest relatives. Resources are more and more difficult to acquire. We need your help to ensure the future of the Sanaga-Yong family - to ensure our chimpanzees receive the food, medical care and protection they need to survive.

You can help keep the promise. Together we can fight the ape meat trade through our education programs and continue to provide the quality care, security and compassion chimpanzees need and deserve. Every gift counts. Please know how much your support means - now and for the future!

Thank you for your compassion and support,

IDA-Africa relies on generous contributions and donations from caring individuals who share our vision and have become a critical part of our mission. Without you we simply can not help the endangered chimpanzees and gorillas of Cameroon.

The Promise Video

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