In Defense of Animals
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Agnes Souchal is the on-site manager of the Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center. Agnes, a French national, has university degrees in both law and animal behavior, but throughout her adult life, she has had a passion for primate conservation.  She came to the Sanaga-Yong Center as a first-time volunteer in the Fall of 2002, and for a second volunteer stint in January 2004.  Since November 2004, she has been the full-time Sanaga-Yong Center site manager. Agnes knows all 72 chimpanzees better than anyone. She is directly responsible for chimpanzee well-being, as well as management of 23 staff members and 4-7 volunteers at any one time. Her job would be difficult in any setting, but with the cultural and physical challenges of rural Africa, it is tremendously demanding. Agnes is an amazingly capable person who performs her job with compassion and efficiency. We are so lucky to have her with us.

Raymond Tchimisso is Sanaga-Yong Center’s charismatic Chief of Personnel.  Raymond, a native of Cameroon, is invaluable in many ways. His diplomatic skills make him an incredible liaison with local authorities. His personality, simultaneously gentle and self-confidently bold, appeals to our chimpanzees, who adore him. Frequently, he is involved in hands-on chimpanzee care. His innate abilities with both humans and chimpanzees have led to his success on many chimpanzee rescue missions.

Raymond is seen here with our first Volunteer of the Year, Karen Bachelder.  Karen has been a dedicated volunteer since 2001. She has volunteeed at the Center nine times and is an invaluable part of our volunteer program.  Sanaga-Yong Center houses 3-7 volunteers at any given time.  Learn more about volunteers

Staff at the Rescue Center includes 25 Cameroonians from local villages who serve as chimpanzee caregivers, round-the-clock security guards and groundskeepers. Our family of 66 chimpanzees depend on their compassion and dedication every day.  Their work is critical to our success - not only for the care they give to the individual chimpanzees at the Center, but also their abiliy to share their experiences with the local population.  Their voices hold incredible weight is the battle for conservation.

Karin Cereghino is the Program Manager for IDA-Africa and works from our US office in Portland, OR. She manages all fundraising and marketing efforts, coordinates volunteers and works closely with our compassionate and dedicated supporters. Karin has a background in advertising and has dedicated many years to volunteering as an animal advocate. Having had the life-changing experience of visiting the sanctuary, it is with pleasure and dedication that Karin shares with Dr. Speede the mission to ensure endangered chimpanzees survive and thrive in their natural habitats.


Our Volunteer Resource Council

Brian Behrens, Designer/Audio-Visual Coordinator
Carol Yarrow, Photographer
Crystal Schneider, Event Planner/Development Coordinator
David Childs, Software/Program Consultant
Julie Honse, Event Planner
Karen Bachelder, Volunteer Coordinator
Dr. Kerri Jackson, Veterinary Consultant
Kimber Huntington Webb, Designer
Lauren Edwardson, Grant Writer
Rebecca Pool, Volunteer Liaison
Sonal Vaidya, Corporate Outreach Coordinator
Stanley & Cindy Jones-Umberger, Sponsorship Program Coordinator
Susan Labhard RN, Auction Lead/Medical Consultant

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