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In the Spring of 1999, Dr. Sheri Speede discovered Kiki Jackson and a female companion in a small concrete cell at a hotel in the coastal town of Kribi, Cameroon; two days travel from the Sanaga-Yong Center.  Both chimpanzees were adults and estimated to be about 15 years old at that time.  Kiki and   his companion were being fed regularly, and despite their dismal living conditions, were in better health than two other adults who needed to be rescued.  Dr. Speede made a promise to rescue Kiki and his companion as soon as possible.
The next opportunity to visit Kiki came in November 1999 when Dr. Speede sent a volunteer to check on the two chimpanzees.  What she discovered was devastating. The person who had been paid to feed the chimpanzees left Kribi in September and no replacement had been hired.  Kiki’s companion starved to death. 

Kiki, himself horribly emaciated and barely alive, had refused to let anyone remove her body from the filthy concrete cage for days.  From that day in November 1999, IDA-Africa took charge of Kiki’s care  until he could be brought to the Rescue Center.  A new temporary quarantine cage had to be built but there was a shortage of funds. Dr. Speede improvised by using scrap metal from the cages of previously rescued chimpanzees. 

Cell where Kiki and his companion were held captive

This photo was taken after the person hired to provide food for Kiki and his companion had fled without hiring a replacement.  Kiki’s companion was found dead and Kiki was barely alive.  He is emaciated and weak. 


By June 21, 2000, when Kiki was finally brought to Sanaga-Yong Center, he had gained 40 pounds. 

His sweet, gentle disposition makes him a wonderful leader of his adoptive family. Kiki lives with adult male Chouki who is blind and six juveniles.  Kiki and Chouki are loyal and devoted best friends and together they take good care of the younger chimpanzees.  Their forested enclosure is equipped with special accommodations to help Chouki navigate.


Kiki and Massamba

Kiki, Rob and Berchi

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