In Defense of Animals
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Yoko was found in December 2005, in a village near the town of Nanga Eboko located about five hours away from the Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center, he had been chained by his neck to a wall behind a house for a year with no shelter, comforts, or ability to move about.  Yoko was emaciated and dehydrated with watery diarrhea and a respiratory infection and seemed very sad as well as sick.

At the Sanaga-Yong Center, he quickly began to recover his physical health, and after two weeks he was integrated with two other chimpanzee infants, Avery and Zachary. Yoko became attached to his adopted siblings and his loving caregiver Marie, but for several months he still seemed depressed and pensive at times.





Yoko safe in the arms of Laurent,
Sanaga-Yong Center staff.

Yoko with Zach in the forest at the Sanaga Yong
Center during a jaunt with their human caregivers.


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